Breathing Vision into Theatre and Dance in South Africa.

To The Theatre and Dance Sector,

As a sector we have the vision for a thriving and sustainable arts industry. We have the requisite skills and knowledge to make theatre and dance into viable sectors that are able to support our dreams. This is our opportunity to capture that. The first iteration, DRAFT ONE is written with the intention of having a positive outlook and giving the policy a fresh take. DRAFT ONE I is an ongoing process that and we envisage that the final draft  will be complete by the end of March 2022.

One of the biggest challenges within the arts, culture and heritage sector is to overcome the race, class, gender, provincial and other divides and bring together those who have – or who have access to – skills, resources, networks, experience, infrastructure and markets and those who do not.  As it stands at the moment, those within the sector with skills, experience and resources are able to operate relatively effectively within silos of privilege, while those who do not, encounter significant struggles, and the divides are exacerbated.

It is this concern that underpins the vision and strategies articulated in the draft Breathing New Vision into Theatre and Dance in South Africa a National Theatre and Dance Policy and Strategy, where all those who seek to make their livelihoods within the dance and theatre ecosystems, work together for the benefit of all within the sector, and in so doing, for the benefit of all the citizens of the country, irrespective of class, education level, geographical location, ‘race’ or gender. To build a socially cohesive dance and theatre sector that contributes to a socially cohesive society is one of the underlying aims of this vision document.

DRAFT ONE is now available on the Alex Arts Academy Website below and to receive an electronic copy please email us on Your comments and contributions will be highly appreciated and these can be sent to the same email address as above.

The policy and strategy is being sent out to encourage all stakeholders in the theatre and dance sector to engage with the document and contribute accordingly as it directly affects the lives and livelihoods of those who seek to make their living within the sector.

The draft policy and strategy should be read in tandem with this form and for easy reference is divided into chapters with related subsections as below. If there are any omissions in the definitions and/or chapters please make the required amendments.

Download the policy here.

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