About the Academy

Alex Arts Academy was founded in 2018 by leading industry practitioner, Mpho J. Molepo, who partnered with various practitioners in the creative industries. One of the greatest feats about this partnership is that all the stakeholders came from Alexandra and have been exposed to both formal and informal educational programmes in their respective journeys in the arts. The intention behind establishing the Academy lies on the bedrock of being inherently concerned with giving back to the community of Alexandra and creating a centre of excellence, while bridging the gap between formal and informal creative training programmes.

In light of this, Alex Arts Academy has been very meticulous about ensuring that the education on the arts industry is easily accessible to the community. This has been achieved by situating the Academy at Alexsan Resource Centre, which is positioned right in the heart of Alexandra. With its multifaceted programmes, the Academy offers Performing Arts Studies including Dance, Music, Drama, Technical Studies, Arts Management and Film.

Our blueprint is to ensure that meaningful education and intervention happens to the betterment of our youth. The Academy has attained a lot since it was established. It boasts hosting successful events such as conferences, festivals, and educational programmes for full-time and part-time students and industrial theatre.

The Academy has a team of highly-qualified, well-travelled, versatile, experienced, and award-winning educators, drama facilitators, performers, directors, actors, writers, producers and arts managers, respectively.

In the past two years, the Academy has proven its capability through its educational programmes and projects. We designed and held a full-time programme, and part-time; Youth Theatre Class and Children’s Theatre Class. We held Conferences and Workshops; executed our first instalment of Current Affairs Theatre Festival in 2020, which was a huge success. We presented with precision our second annual showcase and took our students on multiple excursions to educational and creative spaces such as the Market Theatre, State Theatre, Joburg Theatre, National School of the Arts and University of Pretoria’s Javett Art Centre. These educational excursions are important to the development of our students as they complement our class educational programmes.

We take pride in all the programmes that we offer and the impact that they have on our beneficiaries; be it students, audience, partners, parents, community, clients and other stakeholders. We strive on development through the arts.


To be the leading performing arts training institution in producing practitioners that will make and change the face of the industry.


To be a leading arts training institution with all arts disciplines offered and accessible in communities.

Objectives of the Academy

  • Offer a practical and theoretical arts training
  • Make discoveries and document them for the sector
  • Create a platform for exchange of skills
  • Produce highly qualified learners
  • Encourage the world to know and understand the arts from an African perspective
  • Create a platform that will bring the whole of SADC and other International countries to Alexandra
  • Mass participation and social cohesion
  • Job creation

Values of the Academy

  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Self-empowerment