Alex Arts Academy is hosting a theatre and dance festival, on the 6th of November 2021, at Alexsan Resource Centre from 09h00 t0 17h00. As an Academy we have been in partnership with Arts Alive for the past three years. Through our partnership, we have created strategic intervention programmes by hosting policy conferences, workshops and festivals.

Following the success of the recent Alex Poetry Festival, in partnership with Arts Alive, Alex Arts Academy will be hosting Alex Theatre and Dance festival through the Alex Youth Festival series. The poetry festival presented more than 28 poets from the City of Joburg and the rest of Gauteng Province. The poets performed to a full capacity audience on the 24th of September, at Alexsan Resource Centre (Alex Arts Academy). In an effort of building on the poetry festival’s success and momentum, we are presenting the Alex Theatre and Dance Festival. The festival will host productions mostly from the City of Joburg and some from different regions in Gauteng. The festival seeks to put the spotlight on the arts and culture in our communities.

The Alex Youth Festival theme is based on the idea of ‘breaking silence’. The voice of the artist does not seem to be heard. Art is supposed to be the mirror of society, such that it reflects, represents and interprets society. Platforms for artists to tell stories which tackles societal issues is not only pivotal to challenging our society’s thinking but also in sustaining the very life of democracy. It follows then that if theatre can challenge the thinking of society, it must be the place of robust and invigorating engagements, and the youth have to be at the forefront of this.

We strongly believe that theatre should be considered a simple activity, concerned with people trying to tell their own stories. We hope this festival is going to present productions that will be a catalyst to engage with the present and reflect on the past. South Africa has a rich theatre tradition that gave voice to the expression of forming a new society. As an Academy we hold that 2021 is no different in that theatre must be at the forefront of forming opinion for our people and always keep those in authority accountable.

“I believe the festival will bring different perspectives to the community using their own language and idioms of expression. In this way, theatre demonstrates to be specific and focus on the needs of communities. Alex Youth Festival is a platform where practitioners will be able interpret their past and the present looking into the future,” says Mpho Molepo, the founder of Alex Arts Academy. This assertion is based on the basic role of theatre which includes to form, to disseminate information, to be a window of events, to engage audience and to be a means of expression to our collective socio-cultural and political sensibilities, thereby creating a platform in which to understand the world.

Therefore, the overall objective is to increase participation, platforms, and create a theatre that allows communities to write its own stories and perform in drama based on the messages that emerge from the storytelling process. Artists will produce and present productions that we trust will resonate with their communities. This stems from the idea of ‘nothing about us without us’. Herein, community art practitioners will be telling their stories.

We believe Alex Youth Festival: Theatre and Dance will be a platform for the community to reflect, interact and engage culturally, educationally, politically, economically and socially. We thank the City of Joburg for this important opportunity to be able to do the work that we do. We can host this kind of important platforms, interventions and arts festivals because of the City of Joburg. This goes a long way in making arts accessible in communities and does not limit people who can afford to be part of this experience.

Alex Youth Festival

Theatre and Dance

06th November 2021

Alexsan Resource Centre

09:00 -17:00

Book your space: 079 974 7178

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