As Alex Arts Academy, we are part of the bigger community of Alexandra, and indeed South Africa at large. We join in solidarity with the nation to protect and preserve the health and lives of everyone we work with. As such, Alex Arts Academy is suspending its educational programmes; Children’s Theatre and Youth Theatre Saturday Programme Classes with immediate effect. The Academy is also suspending all its impending projects including Current Affairs Theatre Festival which was scheduled to be held on the 25th, 26th and 27th June 2021.
This is our response to the Covid-19 virus third wave and threat on people’s lives. We took this decision with the best interest in the safety of all our stakeholders; students, parents, partners and audiences. We reiterate our support for the government’s initiative to curb the pandemic and we encourage the public to wear masks, keep social distancing and sanitize.
We will be guided by the government, and we will communicate after processing the information, hopefully we will resume when it is safer to do so as our lessons/courses require physical contact /engagement, once the pandemic has subsided.
June 2021

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