To be the leading performing arts training institution in producing practitioners that will make and change the face of the industry.


To be a leading performing arts training institution.

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Alexandra Arts Academy is established to create a center of excellence, where youth will be trained in various areas of their creative expertise The Alexandra Arts Academy came from a need to create a centre of excellence in the country focusing in producing practitioners that will change the look of the industry. The Academy came from trying to answer the following questions: How can we find ways to train a new generation of artist that make discoveries and to use their creativity to interpret the world. Without imposition how do we assist the talented make discoveries in approach to drama, music, dance and film out of their own potential by using what they have and possess. So many young people are now playing extras in various productions with no skills, so many other untrained actors are exploited by the industry because of lack of knowledge.


  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Film
  • Arts administration
  • Marketing
  • Technical